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Since 2001, we have created over 750 highly targeted websites to help our customers sell their products and services. We start with marketing principles, such as identifying the “target audience” and clarifying the “call to action”.
Great websites start with a good first impression. Viewers make up their minds about a website in the blink of an eye. From a basic on-line brochure of your company to a complex multi page website, we can help!

WordPress Websites

You have complete flexibility with how you want your site to work and function. You can add any functionality you want to your web site and can integrate an existing component or create one for you.

Custom Solutions

A WordPress Website gives you the ability to update it yourself if you prefer. WordPress is ‘Responsive’ – built to adapt to various screen resolutions and look incredible on mobile. We offer WordPress Training Classes as well.

Why WordPress?

We pride ourselves on our prices. We are the most affordable website design/redesign company in Dothan and the surrounding area. The prices for a website design or redesign can vary depending on what you are looking to have done on the site. The cost of designs can range from around $299.00 to upwards of $4500.00. The biggest factors that can influence the price range are how big will your website be and what features are you looking to add.

Give us a call now for a free quote! 334.793.0945

Website Design can 

Most of the time if the website has an adequate structure and is not too old we are able to simply give it a facelift without having to re-structure the majority of the site.

However, sometimes we come across a website that will need so much work to redesign and update it, that doing so would be more than the website is worth. These sites were created either without having search engines in mind, of were made with minimum effort by developers! Rather than spending hours and hours trying to clean up someone’s mess, we just might recommend you to toss everything and start fresh with a brand new design.

We would love to have to look at your site and discuss what are needs and wants. Give us a call now for a free quote! 334.793.0945

  • Bronze
  • $75
  • Monthly
  • Up to 5 web pages
  • Stock Images Includes
  • Phone Support
  • Popular
  • Silver
  • $125
  • Monthly
  • 15 web pages
  • Stock Images Included
  • Phone Support
  • Gold
  • $200
  • Monthly
  • 25 web pages
  • Stock Images Included
  • Phone Support
Each plan requires a 12 month commitment, after that each plan is month to month.
We offer custom plans and pricing to help meet your needs.
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